List Of 15 Interesting Topics For An Argumentative Research Paper

An interesting argumentative research paper will be based on a topic that provokes a great deal of thinking, both from you as a writer, but also from whomever decides to read your work. Essentially, you should pick a topic that inspires emotion, and may potentially even be relatively controversial.

Ultimately, it doesn’t necessarily matter whether the reader agrees or disagrees with you, so long as the topic is not too plain and boring. Furthermore, it is also important that you will be able to find enough information and data to help back up any arguments you are making in your research paper, when necessary, as this will help to support any persuasive points that you intend to make.

To give you some ideas of interesting topics for your argumentative research paper, 15 ideas of been included below.

  1. Can Western armies essentially be described as terrorists - based on the definition that Western governments use for terrorists that attack Western countries - considering the various conflicts and offensive activities that Western armies are responsible for?
  2. Should Western leaders face persecution and charges more often, when suspected of war crimes?
  3. What is Halal food and should people be any more concerned about eating it than they would when eating other meat?
  4. Do curse words have a place in modern language, and should society see them in such a bad light?
  5. Should people living in urban areas do more to ensure that they interact with their neighbors?
  6. Should newspapers and magazines be able to pry into the private lives of celebrities?
  7. Should politicians face the sack when town having affairs, or doing other morally unacceptable (but not necessarily illegal or unprofessional) things in their private lives?
  8. Is it right for scientists and drug companies to test on animals medications that can help human beings?
  9. Is it wrong for animals to be kept in zoos?
  10. Have smartphones have a negative impact on social interactions between people?
  11. Is email really a dying form of communication?
  12. Should young children be made to play sports in a competitive way, or is it better for scores not to mean anything until children get older?
  13. Do women have a place in the front line of the Army and other military services?
  14. Should boys and girls be separated in schools so as to help both sexes perform better in the education?
  15. Is it ever acceptable for governments to lie?