10 High School Research Paper Topic Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

Writing research papers is boring, but reading them is even worse. Professors have to read through thousands of tedious essays every year. To get a good grade, students need to write a paper that their professor will actually enjoy reading. Depending on the class, the research paper may need to be about a specific subject. If the professor is letting students choose any topic, the following list of ideas can help student figure out a good thesis statement.

  1. Medical Research
  2. Disease like HIV and cancer are scary for anyone who develops them. Although billions of dollars have been spent finding a cure, a solution has not been discovered yet. Why is finding a cure so difficult to do? What makes this process take so long.

  3. Abortion
  4. In countries like China, abortions are an accepted and expected part of life. Why is abortion such a divisive topic in the United States? How does the attitude in the United States toward abortion compare to China's attitude?

  5. Education
  6. Should children be more involved in choosing their classes? At what age should children get to make decisions about their education?

  7. Capital Punishment
  8. As several economics professors have pointed out, capital punishment actually costs more than life in prison. In addition, it does not deter crime. If the death penalty is expensive and not effective, should it still be used? What are some arguments for keeping or getting rid of the death penalty.

  9. The Environment
  10. Why are some people against recycling? What are some of the arguments for and against global warming?

  11. Abusing Women
  12. In some countries, it is legal for men to abuse their wives. Even when abuse is outlawed, it still occurs. How can non-profit organizations provide resources and assistance to women who want to overcome their abuse?

  13. Corporations
  14. When a corporation violates a law, it is fined. Unlike individuals, no one at the corporation is generally put in jail—even though it is individuals who direct each decision. Should the chief officers be imprisoned if their corporation commits a fraud?

  15. Guns
  16. The Second Amendment of the Constitution says the individuals have the right to bear arms and form a militia. Since the National Guard is the modern version of a militia, should private citizens still be able to buy guns? Should gun controls be made stricter or looser?

  17. Animal Rights
  18. Is it ethical to test medical products and cosmetics on animals? Is imprisoning animals in zoos a good way to preserve endangered species?

  19. Religion
  20. Is there a god? What caused the earth to develop? Why did each culture develop a different religion? How can a non-believer choose the “right” religion?