The Top 20 Cultural Anthropology Term Paper Ideas To Consider

With finals week just around the corner, students must begin writing papers and studying for their tests. In anthropology classes, many students will need to write a 5 to 15 page paper to pass the class. Before students can begin the writing process, they must find a good idea for their essay. The best topics are unique and completely original. Students should choose a topic that they are interested in because it will make the writing process easier. In addition, they should make sure that their topic fits the writing prompt that was provided by the teacher.

To begin brainstorming ideas, students can use the following topics. These thesis ideas can be modified to match the writing prompt, or they can be used exactly the way they are. Once the student has chosen an idea, they should immediately begin researching information about the topic. This will allow them to have the extra time that they need to write and proofread the finished document.

  1. Polynesia: Past and Present
  2. The Role of Women in Society
  3. Write an Ethnography of a Culture That the Student Is Interested In
  4. Language Acquisition and the Influence of a Particular Language on a Culture
  5. The Past and Present Cultures of the Caribbean
  6. Religious Beliefs Among Peruvian Shamans
  7. Comparison of Marriage Qualities and Expectations in the United States and Denmark
  8. The Effect of an Economic System on the Culture of an Area
  9. The Past and Present Cultures in India
  10. The Social Organization of the Iroquoian Peoples
  11. Ancestor Worship and Reverence in Modern China
  12. Techniques for Minimizing Cultural Baggage
  13. Results From Personal Fieldwork in Anthropology
  14. Culture Shock: Techniques for Managing Culture Shock Abroad
  15. Impact of Ethnocentrism and Ways to Reduce it
  16. Rank and Status in a Specific Culture (India, Japan or Bhutan are Interesting Choices to Use)
  17. Conflict and Aggression in Traditional San Society
  18. The Australian Aborigines: Past and Present
  19. How a Society Promotes or Reduces Juvenile Delinquency Rates
  20. Festivals and Rituals Within a Specific Culture

Making the Grade

For students to receive a top score on their research paper, they must use academic sources and personal fieldwork. Students who are unfamiliar with the writing process can always look for example papers. By using an example essay, students can see exactly what is expected from them in terms of research and writing. Once the student has compiled their information, they can begin to write and proofread their research paper.