A Selection Of Interesting Research Paper Topics For Macbeth

Writing a research paper is one of the most challenging and time consuming tasks for students. They need to think critically and come up with fresh ideas to include in their paper. The most critical part is to choose a topic for the research paper. This topic should be

Unique- The topic of your paper should be your own original idea and words. You should not copy someone’s ideas or work and claim it as your own. Try to write about something that no one has addressed until now and that can be a fresh research

Engaging- The topic should be able to hook your target audience in the paper. Do not write something vague or least interesting that does not impress your readers. For a research paper, the topic needs to be argumentative so that readers can disagree or agree to it. The more people discuss your paper; higher will be the popularity of your work

Precise- The topic of your paper should be neither too broad nor too narrow. Make it precise enough to cover your entire research and short enough that you do not miss something important. The entire paper will follow the direction of your topic

Even though the topic of your paper is the most critical thing about your project, students often face troubles in choosing one. They have plenty of ideas but do not know how to organize them to create a valid and unique topic. If you are to write a research paper about Macbeth the play, then you need to read the following topics and see if they inspire you to write your own. Remember that these are only sample topics and are only supposed to guide you

  1. What is the King Duncan’s motto of life and how does he follow it to play his part in the play
  2. What is the background of historical themes, events and characters in the play by Shakespeare and where does he get his inspiration from
  3. Discuss the role of supernatural events and instincts in Macbeth’s actions and thinking process
  4. Choose any two characters from the play and show how the author successfully created each
  5. Create an analysis of the role of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the murder of King Duncan. Who is responsible for the death of Duncan, the witches who were evil, the husband himself or the Lady