The Top 10 Sample Term Paper Topics For University

When it comes time to write a term paper for your university class, coming up with a topic can be harder than writing the actual paper. You should choose one that you find interesting and that you have a solid base of knowledge about, as it will make the researching and writing it much easier and more enjoyable.

You want to focus your topic in on a certain subject and when applicable, time and place. From there you should analyze some aspect of it. That can be how one part of it influenced another, if a part of it is good or bad, or how it could have turned out differently with different circumstances. It is important that your term paper be more than just a summary of what you learned during the term, it should offer a new perspective on it too.

Your professor may provide some guidance on the topic of your term paper. If they do, be sure to address the prompt adequately. If they do not, consider choosing a topic that relates to something you studied during the term, as you’ll already have a good working knowledge. That being said, don’t be afraid to explore a topic that is outside of what was covered in your syllabus if there’s one you’re particularly interested in, or that is only just emerging in research.

But if you’re having a hard time getting started, here’s a list of possible topic for different subjects to help--

  1. Geology: Historically, what kinds of geologic events have caused the most casualties in human populations?
  2. Ecology: How is climate change affecting the migration of monarch butterflies?
  3. Biology: What were the necessary breakthroughs in biological research to make Darwin’s theory of evolution possible?
  4. Environmental Science: What are the most important factors of success for environmental legislation passing in the United States?
  5. English Literature: How have issues of the persecution of homosexuals affecting different writers’ work?
  6. Philosophy: Are philosophies of freewill and determinism incompatible?
  7. Poetry: How do lyricism and narrative interact in a poem you’ve studied during the semester?
  8. Film studies: How is crowdfunding affecting which voices are heard in the film industry?
  9. Economics: What are the different methods for calculating environmental externalities in a value assessment, and which are best for different kinds of projects?
  10. Marketing: How is the rise of social media changing what is successful and what is unsuccessful in marketing?