Rules For Formatting A Research Paper Using The MLA Style

You will likely have to write your research paper in a particular style. The main reason why your instructor wants your paper to be in a certain style is so that it is easy to read. They have to read through many papers and after a while their eyes start to get buggy. Think of how you felt while you were reading through all of the resources that you used to write your paper. Your eyes just get tired after a while. When you had to read those sources that were written in small print with hardly any space between the lines, it was easy for you to get lost as well.

The Modern Language Association developed a writing style that many schools use. It comes with a set of formatting rules that you will need to follow. Remember that your instructor will likely take points off of your paper if you don’t follow the rules.

  1. Use a standard sheet of white paper with a one inch margin on all sides of the paper.
  2. Double space your text and use a font like Times New Roman. You will use a font size of 12 pt.
  3. Each paragraph should be indented one half inch. You should set your tab key to half an inch and use that.
  4. All pages will include a header. The header will include the page number flush to the right side.
  5. All titles for longer pieces of work will need to be italicized.
  6. Endnotes can be included but put in a separate section that will appear before the works cited page at the end of the piece
  7. No title page will be necessary for this paper.
  8. In the upper left corner of the page, you will need to list your name, the teacher’s name, the course name, and the date.
  9. The title will be centered under the title section and right before the text.

The best way to understand how to create your paper in the right format is to get an example paper to use as a guide. It is the best way to really understand how to format your paper properly so that it is perfect. Most teachers will grade on how you format your paper as well. If you get one part of the formatting wrong, you are losing unnecessary points.