How To Come Up With Good Topics For A Research Paper About Recycling

Climate change is a topic on many people’s minds at the moment. It has the power to take away entire islands in just a few decades and even the most skeptical among us will have to admit it is real. One of the major issues that has led to this process is the use of fossil fuels to create more things to replace the ones we do not to repair. This makes recycling a great way to combat that scourge. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to write about that solution:

  • Understand the limits of modern recycling
  • There are many things that are simply not possible given the limits of our scientific knowledge at present. There is a great deal that can still be done but the rate at which waste is produced makes it hard to keep up.

  • Research the ramifications of overtaxed landfills
  • If you want your essay to make sense, it has to be clear how much is lost when our landfills can take on no more garbage. This is part of the reason finding new uses for old things is so crucial.

  • Look at old papers
  • Your paper will be that much better if you allow yourself to look at what other writers have produced. Ask friends to see what they have done in the past. Ask your professor to see some of his or her favorite papers from previous classes.

Having considered those tips, you might be able to come up with some topics like the following:

  1. Curbing climate change through better resource management
  2. Can the reuse of tires in architecture relieve the pressure on landfills?
  3. Should disposable plastic containers be made illegal?
  4. How has planned obsolescence in technology affected our ability to reuse our gadgets?
  5. Finding unconventional methods of reusing our waste
  6. Can children be acclimatized to low wastage lifestyles?
  7. Should recycling be given focus or the creation of biodegradable materials?
  8. How much does the fashion industry contribute to unnecessary wastage?
  9. Does the re-purposing of materials have a significant impact on the well-being of the environment?
  10. Styrofoam: An unrecyclable material past its prime

As with any subject,applying the idea of making new things out of other things that have lost their original value to your paper will require effort. Keep trying and you ill find the perfect topic for your purposes.