Crafting A Research Paper Outline On Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one debatable issue that is doing the rounds in mainstream and alternative media for quite some time now. Therefore, writing an academic paper on any topic related to domestic violence should be a cakewalk for you as you can get ample of topic suggestions on the internet. However, it is important for you to create a proper outline before you start writing the paper. Here’s how to proceed.

Choosing a topic is the first step

As domestic violence is an umbrella term, you may find oodles of topics on it by looking up the web. You can simply visit the web to find a topic that seems intriguing to you. Alternatively, you may consult a few journals and newspaper editorials to find latest data and decide a topic based on the facts and figures in the journals and newspapers.

Find information by looking up the web

After you choose a topic, you need to visit the web a second time to find more information on the topic you have chosen. This time, you need to look deeper, in e-libraries and in e-books to find relevant information.

Write your thesis statement

This is in fact the most important part of a research paper. You can brainstorm and write it in just one or two sentences. Less is more.

Make an outline

After writing the statement and writing a clear objective of the academic paper, you should now prepare a rough outline of the essay. Remember this is not the final outline of your essay. The final outline would depend on the availability of information.

Organize books and other resources

After making the rough outline, you need to organize your books, research papers and everything else for understanding how much information you can access.

Write the first draft

Writing the first draft is necessary as it helps you understand the direction of the essay and what all elements you need to add later on. It will also help you in improving the outline and writing a great essay.

Write the final outline

After writing the first draft, you would be able to pick some direction and you can easily write the final outline of the essay.

If you need additional help with the outline, you may get in touch with the academic writing agencies. As there are many professional agencies, you need to choose one based on merit and credentials.