Getting A Good Sample Of A Research Paper Conclusion: 5 Vital Tips

Writing a research paper is one difficult job that students have to complete during their academic careers. They need to think critically and evaluate every word that they include in this paper. Teachers and universities have various specifications and formatting guidelines that each student needs to follow. This assignment is critical in nature because students want to earn a good grade. Even though the complete process of research paper writing demands effort, the most difficult is to end your paper on a clear note. Students carry out research and find tons of information relevant to their paper. When they write the body however, they should keep in mind that the paper should be in the same direction as their thesis statement. By the end of their paper, they need to restate their thesis statement and show how they answered it effectively.

This article aims on guiding students how they can write a great conclusion for their paper. The conclusion is the last paragraph in your research paper, which comes before the citations and references. This is where you need to give your readers a clear result and emphasis of the success of your paper. If the conclusion is not precise enough and does not impress your readers then all of your efforts will be in vain.

Below are some useful tips and suggestions that will help you compose a great conclusion for your paper

  1. Be precise
  2. Remember that the conclusion of your paper needs to be precise and brief. You need to summarize your entire paper in one paragraph and this can be challenging. Avoid repeating any ideas and stay as relevant as possible

  3. End your paper on a clear note
  4. Your readers expect to see a clear and bold statement from you that conclude your paper. Do not use terms and phrases that show doubt or uncertainty. The last paragraph of your paper needs to be clear and straightforward.

  5. Do not include any new ideas
  6. No new ideas will be entertained at this point in your essay. You only need to summarize what you have already mentioned in the body of your paper.

  7. Restate your thesis statement
  8. By the end of your paper, you need to restate your thesis statement and emphasis how you proved it right through your ideas and research

  9. Add future discussions
  10. This will allow researchers to see the practical application of your paper