Great Ideas For An Academic Research Paper On 20th Century History

It may seem odd for many of us to refer to the 20th century as a part of history however, for many this is true. Considered a different era of human planetary interaction, this century was a time of many great changes in the world and individuals alike. The development of many new technologies in this era has largely affected the way humans on earth interact as a whole and is a time period worthy of study, especially as a means of identifying the cause and solutions to many problems we have presently in the 21st century. Here are some great ideas for a research paper on 20th century history:

  1. How did the American African revolutionary figures manage to affect such a powerful society in the face of such deep and rampant discrimination?
  2. Write about world war II and how it affected the entire planet. Expand on the various countries like France where many of their borders were broken and villages searched and temporarily occupied by troops.
  3. Did Martin Luther King have an ulterior motive for creating his speeches?
  4. Discuss the factors that caused the era called the cold war and in turn, expand on the necessity of the Vietnam war.
  5. Present a report on the end of the cold war and show what has been gained from this act of war.
  6. Prepare a paper that details the events that caused the collapse of the communist rule that Europe lived by for hundreds of years.
  7. Write about the assassination of the American president in 1963. Highlight some of the reported reasons why he may have been killed.
  8. The Nelson Mandela story is definitely one of the unforgettable bibliographies of the 20th century. Creating a paper on this influential person can surely prove successful.
  9. Present a study that can explain what happened in the early 1960’s that caused many of the Caribbean islands to gain independence from English rule.
  10. Research the various space exploration ventures that different countries have embarked upon. State the duration of these voyages and other pertinent information.
  11. Highlight the events that led to world war I and continue giving details that allowed the war to carry on for some years causing the loss of many lives.
  12. Design a paper around the numerous technological and scientific advancements made by those exceptional persons in their respected field.