How To Compose A Winning Research Paper On Study Habits

It is well-known that a student’s success relies heavily on their study habits. Good habits formed early and carried on through the entire course are the best way of ensuring all works gets done and good grades are achieved. Writing a research paper on this topic means doing some research into how students form their habits, what they stick to, how this affects their academic outcomes, and possibly how they can change them for the better.

Follow these steps to composing your paper:

  1. Ask yourself questions and do some brainstorming around your topic. It’s too general to just write on study habits. It’s such a broad topic, you won’t know how to focus or what direction to take. For example, you could browse the following suggestions and form your own unique topic around one of these:

    • The relationship between the study habits of a student and their overall happiness.
    • How does a student’s study habits correlate with student levels of depression?
    • How do study habits relate to overall grades received?
    • What kinds of study skills work best and why?
    • Are effective study skills different for high school students versus college students?

  2. Choose a topic you really love or feel strongly about. Writing about something you have an interest in will show through your writing, and it makes the entire writing process easier to manage. Your thoughts and feelings around the topic will shine through.

  3. Stay original. This will help you achieve a nice tight focus on your paper topic. Don’t be tempted to cover it the same way you’ve seen other people do before. It’s best to take your own unique twist on the subject and make it unique.

  4. Get advice when needed. If some part of the process is proving to be a stumbling block for you, then ask for help when needed. Your teacher is perhaps your best resource, but you can also get help from a good librarian or from an online writing service.

  5. Don’t’ be afraid to make some changes along the way. If you’ve decided on a specific detail regarding your subject but you find something you like better during your research phase, don’t be afraid to make an adjustment. Just be careful not to take the adjustments too far until you find you are wasting all your precious work time doing it.