Creating A Research Paper Title: 20 Good Suggestions

The title of a book, blog or column is something readers will glance at even if they do not go through the entire writing. But the role of the title is raised on a pedestal owing to the fact that the title is something that greatly determines whether the readers will be drawn into the writing. Many scholars score very high marks on their research papers merely by creating the right titles. However, it takes a little while to realize how exactly you may create the right titles for your research paper.

Scan a few papers

The first thing that you need to come good at is going through other well-read papers. You will draw a lot of creative inspiration by merely looking at the titles of the papers that are read widely. It is also here that you will learn what to include and heat to exclude from your paper.

Suggestions on research paper titles:

  1. Losing weight or losing mind: which one are you into?
  2. What factors should you count and discount while choosing a university major?
  3. Is finding the perfect roommate the key to a good, studious environment?
  4. The best ways to glide through a Babysitting night
  5. Overcoming Insomnia: a list of steps involved
  6. Innovative ways to toilet-train your baby
  7. Why is the first apartment-rent a major landmark in your career?
  8. Spouse-peace: is it realty a utopian dream?
  9. Low-cost weekend getaways: a research into the odds
  10. Survival of the recession: who wins at the losing game?
  11. What do self-confidence book writers lack?
  12. Creating the perfect class schedule: what works and what does not?
  13. Is self-inflicted pain a societal or personal outcome?
  14. Low cost Pet training: what helps the most?
  15. Examination crunches: Avoiding nervous breakdowns and over studying
  16. Saturday night blues: the significance of staying sober
  17. Why is it important to get along well with the gym instructor?
  18. Are bad habits here to stay?
  19. The art of nagging-free complaining
  20. Can a cheap music collection be legally built?

Innovation counts

It is almost certainly implied that students need not stick to these suggested titles only. There is always scope for innovation in research papers. In fact, it is through innovation that we can continue to build a healthy, informative connection with our readers.

Research papers that are devoid of innovative titles are almost certain to score you lower marks than your counterparts. Hence, you would also want to come up with your own unique paper title that is both innovative and clear.