Creating A Term Paper In American History: Tips Worth Following

The American History curriculum covers from the Paleo trek over the land bridge from Russia to current events. The fact that the subject is so broad can make picking a subject difficult to do. If you follow our system of narrowing down the topic and combine that plan with your interests, you job will be easier.

Topics and Ideas

  • Person-make a list of ten people from history that you admire or that you want to know more about. Then begin to narrow the names down relative to the time period that interests you the most. You should have your list down to 2-3 people. From this stage you should write some thesis statements. The one that flows from your pen the easiest just might be your topic.

  • Place-where is your favorite place in the United States and what events from history have occurred there? Just asking yourself these questions could point you in a direction.

  • War-the battlegrounds in and outside of the United States that are relative to the United States military might make for a good topic. Just remember that with all of these topics, you are going to have to conduct some research.

  • Event-is there an event in the United States history that has impacted you such as your ancestors arriving tough Ellis Island? You could find out about history and your family at the same time.

  • Act-consider writing about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or one of he many acts, treaties, and alliances that have been passed since the country has existed. You could do a persuasive on a controversial act or write a persuasive on an act that had negative effects and impacts.

  • Politics-would you like to discuss one of the many political parties that have existed since the founding of this country? You can discuss the major players and the platforms they supported.

  • The Presidents- consider writing a persuasive paper on who was the best or even the worst president in the history.

Which ever topic you select make sure you follow the teacher directions, complete your jobs by the deadline, know how many references are required, and find out which format to follow. You should have a reference sheet, write in a formal tone, and submit all work required. You also may have to submit an electronic submission for a plagiarism check.