Writing A Proper 6th Grade Research Paper Outline

The 6th grade student doesn’t have a lot of experience in creating an outline for a research paper. This may be the first time they have ever written one, so it’s a great idea to have a set of guidelines for them to follow. Writing a proper research paper outline is simple when you know how they are organized. Keep reading to find out an easy method for helping your 6th grade student create their outline. The following template can be used for almost any type of research paper.


  • Introductory paragraph
  • A. The first sentence is a general statement describing the topic

    B. 2-3 sentences that narrow down the topic from broad to specific

    C. The argument or research statement

  • Paragraph 1 of the Body
  • A. The topic sentence

    B. Evidence supporting the topic

    C. More evidence

    D. More evidence

    E. Sentence to transition to next topic

  • Paragraph 2 of the Body
  • A. The topic sentence

    B. Evidence

    C. Evidence

    D. Evidence

    E. Sentence to transition to next topic

  • Paragraph 3 of the Body
  • A. Topic sentence

    B. Evidence

    C. Evidence

    D. Evidence

    E. Transition sentence

  • Conclusion
  • A. Re-wording of the research question

    B. Summarize the body paragraphs, 1-2 sentences for each paragraph

    C. Don’t introduce anything new

    D. Final sentence that provides closure and leaves a compelling thought

The outline template provided above will give your student a general idea of how an outline is created. It can be as simple as filling in the blanks. Each part is an essential component. It also shows your student the order everything should appear it. With the example given, there are 3 body paragraphs. Each one is a major supporting idea of the research question. This is known as a 5-paragraph essay.

Your student may have been given particular guidelines as to how many paragraphs or pages their paper should be. If it doesn’t follow the 5-paragraph style, that’s okay because it can certainly be altered to fit the requirements of your student’s assignment.

Learning to create an effective outline at the 6th grade level is a really great skill. Most students will write many papers and essays over their entire academic careers. Its purpose is to show a condensed view of what needs to be included, as well as providing a pattern to follow. The student who uses an outline rarely forgets any necessary components in their written work.