What Are The Qualities Of A Good Research Paper: An Academic Tutorial

If you’re doing a degree, you’ll most likely need to write a research paper at some point. But, if you’d like to write a really good one, you first need to know what makes for a good research paper. Luckily, we’ve compiled this excellent academic tutorial about the qualities of a good research paper to teach you everything you need to know.

Well organised

The first characteristic of a high quality research paper is excellent organisation. Each idea should follow logically from the previous one. This means that there’s a clear logical flow of ideas from the beginning of the piece through to its end. Nothing is out of place, and no irrelevant information is included. Ensure that your work is well organised by creating a solid outline before you even start writing, and stick to your outline while you write.

Strong thesis statement and supporting statements

The second characteristic of a good thesis is the strength of its thesis statement and supporting statements. The thesis statement sets the tone of your entire piece of writing, so it’s essential that it’s a strong statement. And a strong thesis statement needs strong supporting statements to back it up, so make sure that you develop an excellent set of statements well before you start writing your work.

Correct formatting

The third characteristic of a high quality research paper is correct formatting. There are quite a few formatting styles available, such as the Chicago formatting style or the APA formatting style. Make sure your work is in the format your lecturer or university prescribes, as you want to avoid losing marks due to needless formatting errors.

Effective editing

The fourth characteristic of a good research paper is effective editing. Any piece of writing that’s full of unnecessary errors loses some credibility; so spend enough time editing your work to avoid handing it in while it’s full of mistakes. It may also help to get someone else to read through your work, just to check for any errors you may have missed.

Properly referenced

The fifth and final characteristic of a proper research paper is accuracy of references. It’s extremely important to reference all your work correctly. If you don’t, you not only risk getting a low grade for your work, but you also risk facing strict penalties for plagiarism.

Now that you know how important effective organisation, strong statements, correct formatting, proper editing, and accurate references are, you can ensure your work abides by all these important guidelines to make it a great piece of writing.