A Great Way To Write An MLA Research Paper

MLA research paper writing demands an inherent or practiced writing skill.. There are many important points that you should keep in mind as you start the journey of writing. Some of them are-

Type of paper:

Use 8 ½- 11 inches of white paper for printing.

Page format:

  • Leave 1 inch margin leaving double spaces. Times New Roman style should be used for printing. Use font size of 12 points.
  • In MLA style, the page number can be seen on the upper right hand side of the entire document.
  • The research paper uses informative title for the assignment.
  • Do not use any comma between the page number and the author.
  • The author’s name is listed in the alphabetical order in the work’s cited page.

The title page:

  • The title is written in Italics forms. Write the title on a separate page if your professor demands so.
  • Any part of the research that was carried for a pretty longer duration and plays a vital role in the study should be written in Italics forms too.
  • Write the title in the centre below the date.
  • Get your name written on the first page of the essay on the upper left corner.
  • Your professor’s name should be printed just below your personal name.
  • Followed by that write the name of your course.

Work’s cited: The books used for reference, the articles and internet resources all should be arranged in alphabetical order. Pay special attention to their author’s name, the date of publication, the titles and the place of publication. Whenever you are citing resources of any other author, author’s last name should be written first. Followed by it, page numbers should be written. The complete citation should be written in brackets. After that sentence period comes.

Tables and figures: Tables should be framed using Arabic numerals. The images, drawings, photographs and the charts will come under this section. They should be correctly numbered.

Binders: Consult your professor regarding binding of your paper as instruction varies greatly from department to department.

Plagiarism free content: Never copy or claim someone else writing as your own. This is a serious error that can make you pay heavy penalties. The mistake should neither be done accidentally nor willfully. Once you have written your paper, create a column of work cited page where you have used other people’s writing as reference. This way plagiarism can be easily avoided.