How To Come Up With A Powerful Research Paper Topic On TV Violence

If you need to come up with a powerful research paper topic on TV violence, follow the tips below:

  • When you are brainstorming potential topics it is best that you have two or three potential topics on hand so that you can conduct rudimentary research pertaining to all three and find which one is best. Bye best this means most easily covered with appropriate academic resources. Just because you want to cover an essay topic about farm subsidies in Guatemala does not mean that you will be able to locate resources that you can use. You might find that many of the applicable resources you can find pure reviewed academic journals are only listed in Spanish and you do not speak Spanish. If this is the case and you cannot find something in English and you will have to pick a different subject. If you have two or three potential subjects you do not have to worry when one of them fall through because you have two more on which to fall.

  • When you select two or three potential topics it is best that you take some time to conduct rudimentary research on all of them. This process should not take more than 5 to 10 minutes. During this time you should conduct a generic search engine test to see what information comes up attaining to your topic. If you type in farm subsidies in Guatemala and most of the information pops up in the search results are blog pages and anonymous information on generic commercial websites, and none of the information pops up it's from an academic source like a book or a peer-reviewed journal, then you may have to consider something else.

  • If you are at all concerned about the potential topics that you have selected you can always speak with your teacher. They should be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the potential topics that you have selected and the sources that you have found to see if it can be easily covered in the span of pages that you have at your disposal.

  • If your topic is too broad there are things that you can do to narrow it down. If you are writing a paper on farm subsidies, you can narrow down your topic by selecting a particular county, a particular crop, or a particular location. If you need to broaden your topic you can increase the locations or the produce or the age of the farmers in much the opposite fashion as narrowing down a topic.