A Great Selection Of Unexplored Research Paper Topics For College

There are always new topics out there for those who want to try something different. It’s good that as a student to try something new, and the teacher may be grateful for something different. It’s just finding what would be a good topic, and more importantly, something relevant that has a good evidence to back it up. A few points to consider:

  • What information is out there for your topic
  • What scholars have discussed this topic, and are they reputable
  • How do you present this argument if you have to speculate on certain points

What information is out there?

If the topic is new, where can you find information by a reputable source? With the Internet there can be articles out there that will help you with your topic, but it depends on the subject, and what you want your topic to be, some examples of this is history:

  • Could the American Revolution have been peacefully avoided if the British did away with the 1866 Stamp act
  • What would the result of the American Civil War have been if Great Britain, and France had intervened on the side of the Confederacy
  • How would have the world turned out if Carthage had defeated Rome in the Punic Wars

As you can see these are topics which many would find interesting, but where would you go? How would present these topics since some of the arguments you would need to rely on is speculation?

What are some of the topics?

The topics mentioned are just a few examples found online on other subjects:


  • Does living a frugal lifestyle really help the economy? We are told it is important to be thrifty, but without money moving due to lack of spending, will the economy suffer?
  • What happens when an economy collapses? Was it the result that the powers that be spent it on grandiose projects, at the expense of its citizens?

These are two examples, where there is good information out there such as “Collapse” by Jared Diamond, and books on money management, and being thrifty by numerous financial advisors.


  • What is the definition of Dark Energy?
  • How much sleep is really required?
  • What were the Paleo eating habits?

These are topics that have been discussed, but with science there is always new information out there, which make these topics worth exploring.

When researching your topic check with your teacher for approval, and discuss with them, on how you want to present it. If there is good solid information, your teacher will probably support it.