A List Of Outstanding Nursing Research Paper Topic Ideas

It might seem like an unusual assignment for nursing students, but it really is a common thing for nursing students to write research papers. Future nurses need to be aware of the latest research and how it affects their important medical profession. If you have been given the assignment to write a research paper about nursing, it is important to choose a topic that can be supported with evidence.

In the field of geriatrics, nursing students can research:

  • The value of quality end-of-life care
  • The value of elderly patients spending time with their loved ones
  • Managing multiple medications for multiple medical issues
  • Whether or not to use specially designed geriatric medical gear
  • The importance of diet in elderly patients to avoid recurring physical problems
  • How to write hospital discharge papers so elderly patients can easily follow them
  • Managing dementia with the help of family and community
  • How to prevent falls in elderly patients

In the field of pediatric nursing, these are some possible topics:

  • Managing vaccinations in young people
  • Weaning toddlers from bottles and thumbsucking
  • Working with families who have children with chronic disorders like heart disease or mental disabilities
  • Helping families manage diet to avoid diabetes
  • Working with mothers who have postpartum depression

In the field of mental health, these topics could become interesting research papers:

  • Assessing patients feelings of security at mental health institutions
  • Smoking and the connections to mental health
  • Working with women who have heart disease and depression
  • Women managing abuse from loved ones
  • Medications and side effects in the mental health institution
  • Cognitive impairment and admission into a mental health institution
  • Mental health care in third-world countries

Nurses who are planning on working in primary care can look into topics like:

  • Screening for substance abuse
  • Managing psychiatric problems in a primary care office
  • Working with diet and exercise for chronic pain
  • Nursing care compared to physician care
  • Caring for multiple generations in one family
  • Working with health care laws and regulations
  • Understanding the nurse’s responsibility with health insurance

There are so many exceptional topics for nursing students, especially if they decide to focus on an area of specialization. These topics and so many more can be researched and proven through a variety of different methods, like meta-analysis, control trials, journal researching, and more. When you pick a good topic, you can actually enjoy researching and writing your nursing research paper.