A List Of Exciting Term Paper Topics For High School:

Basically, writing a term paper for high school would require the students to study a lot about the particular subject. This is why, it is important to choose a topic that is of interest to you. Before starting your research on any topic, think well whether that topic will be interesting to you.

Yes, choosing an exciting term paper topic is highly challenging for almost all the high school students. I would advise you to begin by thinking about the topics in which you have prior knowledge. Once you have decided about the general idea you wish to talk, it is vital to narrow the idea to a specific topic. Thus, you can have an exciting term paper to write about.

Following are some sample idea in general along with the specific topics to consider:

Animal Testing:

This topic is bit controversial and you must be cautious while writing on this. You can speak why testing can be made in the human subjects (those who are willing to take part in the research). Another idea in this area will be to discuss whether testing on animals is ethical.

Internet Addiction:

At present, internet has entered all our lives in several forms. Discuss whether people are getting addicted to the internet with the focus on young people (children, teenagers, young adults). You can also speak why people gets addicted to internet and how could we make the mankind to mingle with others in real life.


This is another major issue the world is facing right now. In this topic, you will have the chances to say why obesity has become an important issue in the recent times. You can also say how this could be stopped and prevented in the future.

Pollution Control:

Due to the rapid growth of industries in the past few years, pollution has increased and has become a global issue. You can speak how common people are responsible for the increase in pollution. Discuss about the types of pollution along with its effects. Your term paper can be written in such a way that it tells how pollution can be prevented.

Human Cloning:

This is an interesting topic to write about. Here, you can discuss whether human cloning is ethical. You can also discuss whether the cloned species would have a soul. Another idea will be to discuss the future of human cloning.

These are only few ideas for an exciting term paper. Remember that, you can come up with more interesting papers if you write on the topic in which you are passionate about.