A List Of Interesting Medical Research Paper Topics To Write About

Medical Research, or Experimental Medicine as it commonly known is at the cutting edge of medicine. It is an organised way in which we learn about health and with the constant advances in technology and new discoveries regularly being made. It should, therefore, come as no surprise to learn that it is considered a “sexy” subject, and it is easy to see why so many students would be drawn to it.

Whether you intend to pursue a career as a research physician are considering medical journalism or one of the numerous other pathways that you can follow beyond this course. You can be sure that your course is going to be filled with high-achievers. Power kids and Geeks that will absorb every little crumb of information; every little tidbit that is thrown their way. You, therefore, need to get smart, fast. Just like the race is on in laboratories around the world to find the latest cure that will transform the lives of millions and make the pharmaceutical giants even richer. Then the battle to hand in the most interesting medical research paper is guaranteed to be waging in the classroom.

You would be forgiven for thinking that yours was a lost cause. That those geeky kids with their love of cells and molecules and organisms were certain to have it in the bag. Be prepared to go that extra mile, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Remember, you were accepted onto this course for a reason. The person that interviewed you saw a spark, something exceptional that was lacking in the applicants that didn’t make it onto the course.

Okay, team talk over. It is time to write that essay. Here are my suggestions for some interesting medical research paper topics that will blow your lecturer’s head away. Remember that what is interesting to one person might be boring to another. Choose your topic wisely and be sure to look for the unique angle that will set you apart from the pack:

  • Preventing Abuse in Nursing Homes.
  • The impacts of Gulf War Syndrome on Society.
  • The benefits of Gene Therapy.
  • How Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD) impacts upon the lives of sufferers.
  • Pandemics.
  • How Health Care for Non-English Speaking Patients can be improved.
  • The impact of prayer on healing.
  • How to reverse the rise in the number of Asthma patients.
  • Plastic Surgery: hero or villain. Discuss.
  • How advances in imaging techniques can save lives.