Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics: Best Suggestions

Literature is quite an interesting topic of study since it deals with various ideas, both fictional and non fictional. It also plays quite a large role in the construction of movie plots, plays, music and even in the process of delivering real world news to the public, It can be approached from many different angles and used for many purposes. Even religions place high importance on their religious texts, making written words one of the most important aspect of human social development. I will now present a list of interesting literature topics for your consideration:

  1. The life of William Shakespeare and why he was so gifted with a pen.
  2. What is the roll of gender in both the construction of fictional pieces and the preference of specific forms of literature.
  3. How much has religious themes affected the content of fantasy novels targeted at young children.
  4. Have the portrayal of legendary heroes throughout novels of all types affected the way in which males perceive their roles in society?
  5. Is it possible that emotions expressed in beautiful wording, using various styles and expressions throughout various forms of literature have affected the way we express emotions on a daily basis?
  6. Many famous sayings come from literature and arguments are often settled using these pieces, is this a good way to make decision about one’s life?
  7. Does a reader have the right to criticize the work of an author when the words themselves are a direct representation of the feelings and thoughts of the author?
  8. What determines the popularity of a book or novel? Can the success of a particular written piece be predicted before it reaches the readers?
  9. Life and death are concepts that we as human cannot fully grasp. Is the way these two concepts are portrayed in literature adequate representation of this phenomena?
  10. Literature can take you to places you have never seen through words and descriptions. Is it possible that an author can do such a good job at this that your experience is very much like the real thing?
  11. Romantic interest and love is one of the major themes used in many novels. Is it possible that the way these feelings are expressed in books have affected the way we interact in romantic situations?
  12. How has literature changed our expectations of people, science and religion?
  13. Are vampires and other supernatural entities, found in literature based on real occurrences?