Looking For A Solid Example Of An Academic Research Paper

In order to write a research paper of high quality, you have to plan ahead proper study, to develop data, carry experiments and most of all read a great deal of background data that are important to your topic. Finished papers are good examples for the design and style of writing for your paper.

The problem is that you can not rely on every paper, since not all of them are peer reviewed. There are lots of academic papers in the library you can rely on. On the other hand, there are also lots of academic papers on the Internet that are only a waste of time.

Why you can’t rely on Internet searched materials?

There are lots of sources on the Internet that offer academic articles and papers, such as newspapers, magazines, commercial web pages (written for commercial purposes without the intention to give you accurate overview of an issue), creative works that are only imitations of scholarly articles, and of course perfect scholarly articles you can trust. Here are some tips how to find a reliable source on the Internet:

  • Find the page with “Works Cited” – If there is not such page, then, you are definitely reading an amateur or student work. Even if the article is not of use to you, on the “Works Cited” page you can find books, or articles that will help you.
  • Read table of content and index - If the title of the book sounds like it won’t help you, look inside the table of content and the index, maybe you will find at least chapter related to your research topic.
  • Library database contain valuable sources – Usually everything that is valuable costs time and money. This doesn’t mean that you have to make expensive subscription to particular pages, but to consider public library databases.

Reliability on public libraries’ databases

Some of the scholarly articles in a library database are not in fact scholarly. These articles are not written by scholars, but activists and these pages clearly state that their articles are personal opinions of the authors. You have to distinguish between opinion and fact. Here are several questions you have to answer before you rely on any article:

  • Is it article that states it is “peer reviewed”?
  • Is there listed bibliography for this article?
  • Does the article has publisher, date and author specified?
  • Are there academic articles cited throughout the article?
  • Is the title of the source dry and clear?

Every “no” on these questions throws suspicion on the article. Therefore be careful before consider anything as a source for your research.