Things To Remember While Composing A Research Paper In The APA Format

The APA format of the American Psychological Association format for research papers and dissertations has been designed in a way that students can get the best expression of their papers. The format also facilitates easy understanding of the work by the examiners and other readers. To achieve these objectives, there are a few stringent guidelines that must be abided.

For a start, it should be taken into consideration that the APA format is generally utilized in the higher strata of the academia. So middle school students should not worry about hitting all the right notes unless they have been expressly asked to confide their papers to the APA format.

For others, here are a few guidelines that can be followed exclusively.

Margin: Unless the instructor of the course or other relevant authority has specified anything else, all margins throughout the length of the APA paper should be one (1) inch wide.

Line Spacing: Most students tend to get this part of the job wrong. The line spacing is something that needs to be followed very minutely. Never start with the normal line spacing, which is 1.15. Even if you change it to 2.0 later, it will add an extra space for each line.

Instead, go for the No Spacing option. Only after the text has been inserted into the paper select the entire prose and set line spacing to 2.0.

Unless you have a different set of instructions, there is absolutely no need to add or subtract a space before or after paragraphs.

Title page: There is no provision for a title page in the APA format. You may instead consult the course instructor or check other guidelines that define the title page.

The title page should begin at the first page and it generally includes a running header. Both of these are included in the header section of the page and not the first line of the page. It is advisable to have the header located at the top-left at each page. The page number should be located at the upper right.

Quotations: If you are making direct quotations from a different text and if the length of it is fewer than 40 words, they must be included within quotation marks (“”). The word count should be determined by counting all the words linked to the quotation and not just the main words like some students might prefer in their research papers.