Directions On How To Write A Great Introduction For A Research Paper

Research papers need a decent hook. The attention of the reader has to be grabbed as quickly as possible in order to persuade that person to read all of the text. That is why the Introduction is so important. It catches the eye and can convince a person to continue reading until the end. With this in mind a homework assignment that requires a paper must start out with a very good introduction. It can be done by doing certain things and avoiding others.

  • Assume the Reader Knows a Little about the Subject. This will allow you to spend less time having to explain it, concentrating more on what your paper will cover;

  • Explain the Rationale of the Research. In a few words you can point out the importance of what you are writing about and why you are taking a certain approach to the subject matter;

  • Remember the Length. The introduction is a paragraph of only a few sentences. With that in mind, you must be concise and provide information required to coax the reader into continuing;

  • Use a Convincing Punchline. That is an advertising term and it is intended to heighten the interest the reader has in the subject matter covered in the text. This one or two sentence phrase can be placed at the end of the introduction;

  • Consider Writing the Introduction As the Last Part of the Assignment. This may seem a little bit different but it gives a better chance for the introduction to actually reflect what is being written in the text. It also can give writer some ideas on how to write a very polished introduction, based on the content;

  • Take a Moment to Fashion the Tone. The tone of the introduction can be a call to action or raise a question to perk curiosity. It can also be sharing something entirely novel to the reader. The right tone sets the stage for an investigation of the thesis you are presenting.

The introductory paragraph is as important as conclusions drawn by all of the research effort. It deserves the same attention as the body of the paper and should not be written in a hurry. The objective of any well written paper is to educate and enlighten the reader as much is possible. It also is to demonstrate the reasoning and logic behind your position, or an explanation of the conclusions you drew from the facts. The process towards successful completion of that objective is a clear introduction that sets the stage.