What Is The Best Way To Write An Introduction For A Research Paper?

If you are writing any academic paper, including essays, theses, dissertations and research papers, an introduction is a must. This is usually the first paragraph of your paper. Just like the first words you say when you are carrying out an oral presentation, your paper’s introduction are those first words your readers see as it has to do with your project. It is usually made up of two major parts – general introduction and thesis statement. Knowing that it is important that you make a first good impression, you should be careful when writing the introduction of your paper.

This brings us to the issue of the best methods or ways to write an introduction for a research paper. Listed in this article are tips that would help you write an interesting introduction for your paper. They are as follows:

  • Write Your Introduction Last: While some students choose to start their paper by writing the introduction first, it is always best to write this part of your paper last. The reason is that, based on what you have already written in the main body of your paper, you will then write an introduction that corresponds with the paper.
  • Make It Interesting: Just as already said, your introduction is the first impression you create in the minds of your readers. Based on this, it is important that you include illustrations, descriptions, and anecdotes that successfully pull your target readers into reading more of your paper. As much as possible, make it specific and very interesting.
  • Start With A Story: This is one method that has worked for a lot of students. They pull in their readers by sharing a unique story they are sure will catch their attention. It adds a personal touch to your research paper.
  • Get Visual: This is another great method of starting the introduction of your paper. When you specifically visualize your subject, it makes your readers curious and lures them into wanting to know more.
  • Start With An Interesting And Unique Quote: When you open your introduction with a unique and interesting quote, it helps your readers to relax more and get more interactive as they go through your paper. If the quotation happens to be a rare one, it would make your paper more appealing than it ordinarily would have been without the quote.

These are some of the best ways or methods of writing an introduction for your research paper. You can experiment with the various options, read them aloud to understand which option sounds more appealing.